Amfez Donation Fund For COVID-19

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies everywhere affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. The world is coming together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic bringing governments, organizations from across industries and sectors and individuals together to help respond to this global outbreak. The outpouring of global solidarity and support sparked by this shared challenge has been phenomenal.

Everyone can now support directly the response coordinated by People and organizations who want to help fight the pandemic and support Amfez can now donate through the COVID-19 Fund for AMFEZ.

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How is AMFEZ responding to COVID-19?

Click on the DONATE NOW button below to donate to the COVID-19 Response Fund through this secure digital portal.

Donations received will go towards funding the activities of the Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan in Mathura, UP, which include among others:

  • Ensuring patients get the care they need.
  • Buying and ship essential supplies such as masks, Sanitizer,gloves and protective wear for workers, needy and poor people.
  • Providing Food and essential groceries to the needy amid the coronavirus Lockdown in Mathura and Vrindavan .
  • The Fund will be utilized to Providing Food and essentials for Animals in Mathura and Vrindavan .

Your donation is greatly appreciated in the global effort supporting the ability of all countries to respond to COVID-19, especially where the needs are greatest and in countries with less access to global markets and lower resources.

Please Support and Donate as per your Capability.


Your donation is greatly appreciated in the global effort supporting the ability of our country to respond to COVID-19,

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