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Amfez is a global online Lord Gopala's Dressing selling branded and own-label products , on our website, amfez.com.

It is an one stop shop for all fashion and lifestyle needs. Its an India's e-commerce store for lord gopala's dressing products, Its aims to providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its portal.


Founded in 2014, Amfez.com. is owned by Indian company, Amfez.com which also trades as clothing and Accessories. Together withour fashion labels and suppliers, we provide a fantastic range of clothing and accessories for God,men and women with a bold attitude to fashion and lifestyle. Operating out of Mathura, India, we sell a variety of local and imported hot brands plus many more! We are the only place in India where you can buy some of these products and brands and they're all warehoused here in Mathura, India and ready for fast and easy delivery to you.

We believe in retail therapy! We know it's fun to shop and we're making sure you get all the fun and all the experience when you shop online with us. Our orders come wrapped in fine tissue with a sticker on top to seal the deal - just like a present! Inside you'll not only find your purchased goods, but often a little treat from us and some branded photo cards or offers for you.

Not just an fashion store, Amfez stocks the full range of clothing and accessories for God,Men and women. We also stock a range of accessories which includes necklaces, rings, pandant, ear ring ,wrist accessories etc.

Knowing our customers want awesome gear at value prices, we keep our prices as low as we can for the Indian marketplace. Much effort has gone into selecting fashion labels and ranges of clothing and accessories for our online store! We’re always bringing the latest season ranges to Indian shores first.

Our team is lead by Managing Director and founder who is very active in the day-to-day operation of the company. Everyone here loves what they do - after all, we get to see some of the world's best fashion and accessories every day and everybody pitches in to get your orders out to you in lightning speed.

sing a state-of-the-art warehousing system, we aim to always have enough stock in the country to fulfil orders in lightning speed. We’re always happy to help out with any other sizing or colour requests if we can. Because we ship all products from our central warehouse in Mathura, India.

Forget waiting three weeks for your shipment to arrive from othersite. And never EVER worry about getting inferior or 'fake' merchandise again! We 100% GUARANTEE the authenticity and quality of our merchandise always. We ship orders to all over the world and our products are stocked in our warehouse in India. We are able to offer express post next day shipping to most places in India and other major metropolitan areas. Of course we also ship worldwide to almost every corner, nook and pocket of the globe for a low flat rate per order.

Amfez.com® is proud to sponsor and support community organisations and events in and around India and we're often seen out at clubs, parties and music festival events with our promo models, flags and media logo photo wall - snapping pictures of our fans and customers with their friends plus our models and other personalities.

The best place to shop online for God, Men, and Women's designer fashion & accessories in India.

Your Trusted Source for Laddu Gopal Dresses and Spiritual Essentials Online

Welcome to AMFEZ, your premier online destination for exquisite Laddu Gopal dresses online, along with an extensive collection of Radha Krishna attire, Gauri Nitai ensembles, divine idols, and a wide array of puja items. Founded with a profound passion for spirituality and devotion, AMFEZ has become a trusted name in the world of divine aesthetics and religious essentials.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to provide a platform where devotees of Lord Krishna could find the perfect attire for their beloved deities. Over the years, this passion for divine aesthetics has expanded our offerings to include an extensive range of products, all meticulously crafted with love and devotion.

Explore our wide variety of intricately designed Laddu Gopal dresses online, ensuring that your beloved deity is always adorned with the utmost grace and beauty. Immerse yourself in the divine love of Radha and Krishna with our exquisite collection of dresses that capture the essence of their eternal bond. Elevate your devotion to new heights with our carefully crafted dresses for Gauri Nitai, the divine couple whose blessings radiate love and harmony.

But our commitment goes beyond attire; we also offer an array of divine idols, each meticulously crafted to embody the spiritual essence. To enrich your spiritual journey further, we provide an extensive selection of puja items that cater to your every need.

At AMFEZ, we blend devotion with aesthetics, offering you a seamless online shopping experience to enhance your spiritual journey. With us, you'll find not just products but a gateway to express your love and devotion to the divine. Join us in celebrating the beauty of devotion with AMFEZ.

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