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Cancellations and Modifications
You can cancel your orders at amfez.com


You can cancel an order until it has been processed in our warehouse by going to the 'Amfez' section of the website. This includes items purchased on sale. Any amount you paid will be credited back into your Amfez.com wallet which u may redeem in the next purchase at amfez.com .

Can I modify the shipping address of my order after it has been placed?

Yes. You can modify the shipping address of your order before we have processed (shipped) it, by contacting our customer support team at +91-945-7682-945

I just cancelled my order. When will I receive my refund?

If you have selected Cash on Delivery, there is no amount to refund because you haven't paid for your order. For payments made using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net Banking, you will receive a refund in your Amfez.com wallet or will get a same amount in to your bank account with in 7-10 days. Please get in touch with our customer support team.

You can return/exchange your orders in Amfez.com

1. What is Amfez.com's Return Policy?

Amfez.com's Return Policy offers you the option to return items purchased on Amfez.com within 10 days of receipt. In case of returns, we will credit the amount you paid for the products as cashback into your Amfez Wallet. If you choose to return the item for reason of mismatch of size or receipt of a defective item, you will be provided with a refund of the item, free of cost.

The following EXCEPTIONS and RULES apply to this Policy:

1. Certain Jewelry, ornaments, bangles and some accessories cannot be exchanged or returned.

The list of such items includes

1. Anklets, Bangles, Earrings, Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces and Rings.

2. Wrist-BandsOnly self-ship return allowed for such items, the pickup facility will not be available.

3. 1. Due to their intimate nature, we handle returns and exchanges some items differently
3. 2. These items cannot be exchanged.

4. 1. Fine jewelry products must be returned within 2 days from the day of delivery, To return your fine jewelry purchase, please call customer care at +91-945-7682-945

4. 2. All items to be returned must be unused and in their original condition with all original tags and packaging intact and should not be broken or tampered with.

4. 3. We do not exchange the item, we will give you the refund of that product in to your Amfez wallet and bank account.

4. 4. In case you had purchased an item which has a free gift/offer associated with it and you wish to return the item,maximum of Refunds/Free item MRP will be debited until the satisfactory receipt of all free gift(s)/offer item(s) that are shipped along with it.

4. 5. If you choose to self-ship your returns, kindly pack the items securely to prevent any loss or damage during transit. For all self-shipped returns, we recommend you use a reliable courier service.

4. 6. Once your return is received by us, you will be reimbursed Rs 65/- towards shipping costs per order/parcel, if self-shipped. This is subject to your return having met the requirements of this Policy.

How to claim if your have not received the product

1-Don't Accept the shipment if seal are broken and tempered.

2- Raised the complaint same day of delivery at care@amfez.com or WhatsApp us at +91-9457682945 with your order ID.

3-If you have any doubt in shipment please take a complete video from starting to end and send us at care@amfez.com or WhatsApp us at +91-9457682945

4- Once we received the proof our inspection team will match with our CCTV footage and finalised the Issue in 24-72 hours.

5- If you are ordering first time at Amfez then you must take a video of your shipment for claiming any issue.

What is Amfez.com's 10 day return and exchange policy? How does it work?

Amfez.com's 10 day returns and exchange policy gives you an option to return or exchange items purchased on Amfez.com for any reason

within 10 days of receipt of the item. We only ask that you don't use the product and preserve its original condition, tags, and packaging. You are welcome to try on a product but please take adequate measure to preserve its condition

There are two ways to return the product to us. In most locations we offer a free pick up service for your return. You will see a pickup option when you submit a return request. If we don't offer a pick up at your location, or if you prefer, you can ship an item back to us. In such cases, we will credit your cashback account with Rs.49 to cover your cost of shipping the product back to us.

Once we pick up or receive your return, we will do a quality check of the product at our end and if the product passes our quality check we will credit the amount you paid for the products as cashback into your Amfez.com account. If you wish to receive a refund instead, please send an email with the following details from your registered email address to care@amfez.com. If the picked up product does not pass the quality check we shall return it back to you.

a. Order Number

1. Bank Name

2. Account Holder Name

3. Bank Account Number

4. Branch Address

5. IFSC Code

You can exchange an item purchased from Amfez.com for a new size or the original size for no extra charge. However all exchanges are subject to stock availability and subject to your address being serviceable for an exchange. If you choose to exchange an item, our delivery representative will deliver the new item to you and simultaneously pick up the original item from you. Please note that we are only able to offer size exchanges. If you wish to exchange your item for an alternative product, we suggest that you return it to obtain a cash-back refund and purchase the new item separately.

The following products sold on Amfez.com are exceptions to this policy:

1. Certain innerwear, cosmetics, socks, deodorants, perfumes, fashion accessories, hair accessories cannot be exchanged or returned. The list of items where returns or exchanges is not supported includes:

1. 1. Anklets, Bangles, Earrings, Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces and Rings.

1.2. Mittens, Socks and Wrist-Bands.

1.3. Fine jewelry products must be returned within 2 days of delivery.

How do I return a product to Amfez.com?

To return a product to Amfez.com, please follow these steps:

Create a Returns Request online by going to the Amfez section of Amfez.com. You can return almost all products purchased from Amfez.com within 10 days of receiving the product. Follow the screens that come up after clicking on 'Return a Product' button. Please make a note of the Return ID that that we generate at the end of the process.

Fill out a returns form: You can use the returns form that was sent with the order or download and print one at the link available by clicking on your return ID. If you don't have the returns form or can't access a printer, please write the following information on a sheet of paper and use that sheet as the returns form:

1. Order No

2. Return ID

Keep the item ready for pick up or ship it to us: You can choose to schedule a pick-up of your order or self-ship your return to us. We offer pick-ups of your return in select locations - this option will be available to you when you submit your return online.

1. Pick-up: If you choose to schedule a pick-up, please put the product with accompanying tag and a filled out returns form in a packet. Leave the packet ready and open to expedite the return pickup. Our staff will initially examine the product at the time of pickup and a further quality check of the product will be conducted at our Distribution Center. Once your product has been approved by our quality staff we will credit your account with cashback.

2. Self-ship: If you choose to self-ship, please pack the product in its original package with accompanying tags and a filled out returns form. Kindly address the package to the address of the delivery center closest to you. We have listed out the addresses of the delivery centers in another section on this page.

We will send you a confirmation email as we receive the shipment at our warehouse. At any time, you can track the status of your return request by going to the Amfez section.

How do I place an Retun request on Amfez.com?

If you would like to Return some products purchased from Amfez.com, please follow these steps:

Create an Return request online. You can Return any product purchased from Amfez.com within 10 days of delivery by going to the Amfez section. Please select the item you wish to Return. If your address is serviceable for Return you will be able to proceed and generate an Return id. Please note down your Return id for future reference

How long would it take me to receive the refund for my return?

It can take up to 15 days for you to receive your refund. We take up to 2 days to process the refund once we receive the product at our returns processing facility. Therefore the return time really depends on the time it takes the courier company to deliver the packet to the returns processing facilty.

How do I return multiple products from a single order?

If you are returning multiple products from a single order, you will receive a separate Return ID and email for each item. However, you can ship all the products delivered in a single order in a single shipment. Please include the Return IDs for all the products in a single return form.

Does Amfez.com pick up the product I want to return from my location?

Currently we pickup returns only in select PIN Codes. If your delivery location is serviceable, In that case you have to self ship the item carefully at our warehouse address, make sure shipment packed in a box.

We will pick up the return within 72 hours of your placing the request. Please keep the return shipment ready.

I would like to Self-Ship the return myself to Amfez.com. How can I do this?

If your pincode is not covered by our pickup service, you will need to self-ship the return item by courier. If we do not offer a return pick up service in your area or you choose to ship the return to us, please send the return package and the returns form inside to the nearest delivery centre. For all self-shipped returns, you will be reimbursed Rs.65 towards your shipping costs. This is subject to your returns being inspected and successfully processed upon receipt at our end.

Where should I send my return?

You can send the return to any one of the following addresses depending on your location:

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